What is multiple myeloma?

Multiple myeloma is a rare blood cancer of the plasma cells. Healthy plasma cells help maintain bone health and make antibodies that fight infection. As these become myeloma cells and continue to multiply, there is less room for healthy blood cells to survive.

Look beyond the numbers.

Black Americans have more than 2X the incidence rate of multiple myeloma compared to White Americans.

WHAT’S MORE – it has taken nearly 2X as long on average for Black Americans to start on modern therapies* compared to White Americans.

*Study assessed racial disparities in the treatment and outcomes of multiple myeloma.
SEER Medicare 2013-2017 data base. 4820 total patients, 858 African American.
Modern Therapies evaluated were immunomodulators and proteasome inhibitors.

Statistics may present
the reality — but they may not predict the future.

Science is making enormous strides, every day, every minute. People with multiple myeloma are living longer than ever.

Compared to White patients, the average time to modern therapies is significantly longer for Black patients.

However, in a recent study looking at multiple clinical trials, once on treatment, Black patients lived as long as other patients on average.

Learning about the modern standards of care is one way YOU can even the odds.

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